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50 Diamonds is Vicky's third and second original album. The soulful songs were written during many stages of the emotional rollercoaster we call life. 


There is a soulful theme throughout the album with genres of soft rock, pop, folk-country and a hint of blues.

Vickys songwriting has been deeply influenced by Elton John and Carole King who inspired her to play piano and write.

80th Anniversary Tribute Album

I'm Counting On You is Vicky's 2nd album and a Tribute to her father, Johnny O'Keefe.  Many fans asked Vicky to record her father's songs over the years, especially a duet like Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole with 'Unforgettable'. Recording the duet was a very emotional experience for Vicky and she felt like he was in the studio with her.

This album features the very moving 'Keep The Candle Burning' written with Vicky's brother Peter. During the making of this album, Vicky's mother Marianne sadly passed away.  'Life Goes On' is a dedication to her.


DESTINY is a compilation album of songs from Vicky's Melbourne period in the late '80s with her funk/rock band Teardrops, together with some compositions from her move to Gold Coast and new life as a married woman and mother in the '90's. 

It was released in 1999 through Oracle Records, an independent label in Brisbane. 

'The Look of Your Smile' was recorded in Brisbane at Grevillea Studios with some very fine musicians featuring Kirk Lorange on acoustic guitar. This track was played for 2 years on ABC Radio Coast FM on the Gold Coast.

'Little Girl' was written about Vicky's daughter Melody. This was the original piano/vocal recording with Melody featuring at the end of the track when she was just 3 months old.

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