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Hello and thank you for joining me on my official website. This site presents albums I have recorded together with photos and information for upcoming performances and gigs.

I have been an artist in the Australian music industry for 30 years and have enjoyed so far, a wonderful life of music, playing and meeting people who all share a love of music. I was fortunate to grow up in a musical family where music was encouraged. Without this, I wouldn't have music in my life today. It is everything to me and has saved my soul many, many times when I have lost people I love or through any hardship involving the heart.

I write songs from my heart, which at times, are a little on the sad side for some people, but it is what comes out of me and I don't try to make it anything it isn't. This has also been a good thing in my life and with my performances as people can share their experiences and emotions. I always think its a good thing whether you make people laugh or cry and least they feel.

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